Thursday, January 14, 2010


Born and raised in Miami, FL, Writer/Producer Marisol Tamez began her television career in her youth as a host and reporter. Her outstanding work contributing to quality and creative content quickly led her to transition to the production side of television and video, producing for international channels such as MTV Networks, Telemundo, and HTV. As one of the channel’s head writers, Marisol’s upbeat personality and relatable voice is brought to life daily on TR3S: MTV, Musica y Mas , which reaches 35 million households, making it the most-widely distributed TV network dedicated to today's bicultural Latino youth.

Through the practice of yoga, Marisol has cultivated a deep compassion for our youth and has chosen to use her creativity, communication skills, and experience in media production to make a greater social impact. In 2011, she founded The TV Writer’s V.O.I.C.E., an acronym for her “Vision of Inspiring Communities to Evolve”. This full-service media production company focuses on creating content designed to make a profound and lasting impact in communities by educating and inspiring viewers on social issues that demand immediate attention for positive change. By documenting the efforts of non-profit organizations and social enterprises , her vision is to highlight these change-makers in communities across the world and create digital curriculum of their programs in order to make this information available on a global scale. Marisol is also the Vice Chair of the Miami Chapter of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE).

Marisol is currently open to new collaborations and creative social projects, both locally and internationally. You may reach Marisol by email at

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